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This free safety guide booklet is full of valuable tips for seniors and veterians while operating a scooter or powerchair

Quick Fact: People often live longer now, but their aging bodies don't necessarily allow them to continue doing the things they want to do. Joints become stiff and walking or even being on ones feet becomes a problem for many elderly people. Mobility Scooters are designed to take the stress off the body and enable people to carry out activities, such as shopping, and activities that those who are younger take for granted.

scooter safety guide

This booklet is provided compliments of Canada Scooters and covers:

  • Introduction - enjoying your scooter safely.
  • Crosswalks & Sidewalks - make sure motorists know that you intend to cross the street
  • Using Streets & Passing Pedestrians - scooters and power chairs users come under pedestrian laws
  • When to slow down - crowds of people, in stores and busy sidewalks
  • Construction Sites - take a moment to survey the situation
  • Curb Cuts - slow down when approaching
  • Always be alert - even quiet residential sidewalks you should be alert
  • Parking Lots - be very alert and careful in parking lots, listen for engines starting up
  • Access Ramps - look for access ramps they provide easy access to businesses
  • Elevators and Electric Doors - evevator rule "straight in - straight out"
  • Driving at Night - headlights on, bright clothing and use flashing bicycle lights
  • Shopping Downtown - if you scooter is staying outside always remove your scooter key before going in
  • Public Transportation - call you bus company if you want to practice getting on and off a bus
  • Three Way Intersections - slow down and check for traffic
  • Get Out & Enjoy Yourself - have your scooter ready for spring and summer
  • Off Road Use - check for level ground
  • Checklist before leaving home - batteries, tires, flag on, proper clithing and emergency phone numbers.
  • Safety Tips - make sure machine is turned off before getting on and off.
  • Etiquette Tips - slow down when approaching people
  • much more - service check up and tips

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