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Congratulations! Just by reading this, you're making the first step towards total freedom, mobility, and an improved quality of life.

Beginning your journey towards increased mobility can be a daunting task, but it's worth it. Read on to find out what facts you need to know about choosing the right mobility scooter for your lifestyle.

Is a Scooter Right For Me?

Navigating your home and neighbourhood doesn't have to be difficult. If your quality of life is compromised because you aren't able to be as mobile as you like, then a scooter may be the answer for you.

Scooters are safe and efficient modes of transportation. When you have mobility differences, walking any distance can be draining. Save your energy for interacting with friends and family, and enjoying your city!

Mobility scooters allow you to go about your day to day life with ease and comfort. Take for example, a trip to your local mall. How do you get there? Perhaps you walk. Unfortunately, once you're there you're exhausted! For many of our clients, even short distances seem like Mount Everest. A mobility scooter allows you to go both short and long distances conveniently and efficiently. A scooter is not only a convenient and safe form of transportation, but it also provides ample space to store your day to day necessities and purchases from your trip to the mall! Our clients love the increased freedom that comes along with their mobility scooters.

If you're resisting a scooter because you believe it will decrease your level of physical activity, fear not! According to our clients, they became more physically active once they started using their scooters. A mobility scooter allows you to dedicate your energy more intentionally. They remove barriers, not add them!

Furthermore, they are simple to operate. We offer tutorials and a scooter orientation to each and every one of our clients, and make sure they're comfortable with how to operate their scooters. Even our clients who have never driven a vehicle before are on the move in no time!

How Do They Work

Scooters are steered using handlebars which control the motor and the direction. The speed is dictated by the drive controller which has two settings: fast and slow. The moment you let go of the accelerator, the electromagnetic brakes are activated. This ensures you are in control, and safe at every moment.

Which Scooter is Right For Me? 3 Wheel, 4 Wheel, or Power Chair?

pick the perfect scooter

Canada Scooters offers a wide range of mobility scooters in a variety of sizes and styles. With over 200 models to choose from, finding the right one for you can be a challenge! Fear not! The team at Canada Scooters is ready to help you. Before you begin, consider the three main decisions you should make when deciding which device is right for you:

1) Scooter or Powerchair?

Scooters and Powerchairs are different. A joystick operates a powerchair, meanwhile, a scooter is operated by a steering column and accelerator lever (like a bicycle). A powerchair is more suitable for those with extreme mobility needs. A powerchair is designed to function as your legs, and their wheels are found directly under the seat. Meanwhile, scooters have their wheels surrounding the seat. Their super tight turning radius makes navigating homes, stores, and offices incredibly easy. While some smaller scooters can be used indoors, they are not as agile as powerchairs.

2) 3 Wheel or 4 Wheel Scooter?

When it comes to choosing the right model, it depends on your needs. 3 Wheel scooters are generally smaller, and ideal for indoor use with their easy maneuvering. That said, they have less power than 4 Wheel options. Meanwhile, 4 Wheel scooters are ideal for outdoor use. Travel in confidence over variable surfaces and over longer distance.

If you plan on doing a combination of indoor and outdoor travel, a 3 Wheel scooter is better suited, while a 4 Wheel scooter is not generally used indoors at all.

3) What Size?

3 Wheel and 4 Wheel scooters both come in small, medium, and large. What size you opt for depends on what makes you comfortable! We suggest trying out all three sizes to see what offers you the best stability and comfort.

Never pay for Batteries & Other "Extras"

What other companies call “extra,” we call it “standard.” At Canada Scooters we believe that lights, horns, bumpers, and batteries aren't extras, they're essential. Your scooter can't go a single block without a battery, so why sell a scooter without it!?

At Canada Scooters you will never pay for either extras, or the batteries. The price you see includes all the bells and whistles. We'll never advertise a super low sticker price, and then make you pay for what you need to get moving! Every single scooter we sell comes with, at the bare minimum: batteries, front and rear lights, armrests, a bumper, and a front basket. Ask us more about specific models to see what else is included in the regular price!

Our mobility product specialists are ready to answer any questions you have about owning a mobility scooter of your own. Contact us today!

Don't let mobility challenges stop you from enjoying your city, getting out into nature, and seeing your friends and family! Canada Scooters can have you on your way in just days! Compare our services to see what makes Canada Scooters special!

Do you have a USED mobility scooter for sale? Are you looking to rent or buy a new mobility scooter?

We can come to you! Our at-home services include:

Delivery of mobility scooters for demo or test-drive
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Door-to-door delivery of mobility scooter rentals

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