How to Operate Mobility Scooters

First-ride tips and driving basics

We'll help you become a smooth operator with the following information on how to operate mobility scooters


 It's time to go for your first ride! Ensure that both you and your scooter are on a level surface. Before you get on, make sure the scooter is OFF. Take your time once you're on to adjust the seat, the tiller and the backrest until you're comfortable. The tiller controls should always be within comfortable reach. With both feet on the deck insert the key, but leave the scooter turned OFF.

Turn the "speed adjustment dial" to slow, and turn the key clockwise towards ON. At this point the battery state indicator will move, and the red status lights will turn on. When you're ready, press your thumb or finger control to move forward. to STOP, simply let go. The brakes will automatically engage. Reverse using the left side controls. At any point, you can stop by letting go of the controller.

NOTE: Make sure that you thumb is not pressing on the controller when you turn ON your scooter. This will cause the scooter to go into a "fault mode." If this does happen, switch the scooter OFF then ON.


Before dismounting, switch OFF your scooter and choose a level surface to exit the scooter.

Parking in Public

Parking your scooter is simple! Once you have turned OFF the scooter and carefully dismounted, simply remove the key. This will engage the brake making it incredibly difficult to move the scooter. This said, it is always a good idea to park your scooter where you or a someone else can keep an eye on your scooter.

Make sure to always have a copy of your serial number and date of purchase in case of theft. The serial number is located on the lower section of the back frame.

Driving Basics

Once you are comfortable mounting, dismounting, and turning ON and OFF your scooter, you're ready to get driving. Sit comfortably on your scooter with your feet firmly on the deck. Make sure the "speed control dial" is set to slow while you're getting the hang of your scooter. Use the "thumb lever control" to gently accelerate. To stop, simply let go!

To steer, you turn by the handlebars in the direction you'd like to go. Just like a bike! Give yourself plenty of room to make turns, especially around curbs and uneven sidewalks. Always steer in a wide arc around both obstacles and corners.

To navigate tight spots like doorways or turning around, stop, turn the handlebars in your desired direction and gently apply power. Make sure to practice this in a safe, open area to gain confidence.

Reverse with caution and attention. Always make sure your "speed control dial" is set to slow before you reverse. Push the left thumb reverse lever to g backwards, and remember that you will have to steer in the opposite direction. Practice practice practice!

NOTE: Never turn your scooter off while it is moving. This may cause irreparable damage to the speed control unit and drive transmission. At any point, you can relieve the pressure on the thumb controls to engage the brakes.

Control Through Tight Spots

Like with any new activity or mode of transportation, getting used to different obstacles takes time and practice. Doors, ramps, curbs, grass, and gravel are all common problems that can be mastered with patience and practice.

Doors: When you arrive at an unfamiliar door, take a look. How does it open: knob, push bar,  automatically, towards you, or away? If you're encountering a door knob or push bar, hold it in one hand, and use the other hand to apply slow, gentle pressure forward. Let self closing door close behind you, or simply push doors closed. Harness the power of the scooter, without causing yourself strain.

If the door opens towards you, use the same process in reverse. Hold the knob or bar in one hand and slowly reverse. Once the door is open wide enough, go through the space keeping your hand on the door. Let go once you're past the doorjamb.

Control on Ramps: Isn't it great that more and more buildings are being built with accessible, easy to use ramps?! These ramps are designed for the mobility scooter, but they still take a little practice. Many ramps will change direction halfway up. To handle these corners, turn as widely as possible with your front wheels allowing the back wheels to follow. Should you stop halfway up, fear not, the parking brake will keep you safe. Once you get moving again, the parking brake automatically releases.

Always go down a ramp on "slow" to ensure a safe, controlled descent. Releasing the control lever will bring you to a gentle stop.

Grass, Gravel, and Inclines: While most Canada Scooters are intended for sidewalks, pavement, and indoor surfaces, they do perform adequately on grass, gravel, and hills. To ensure your safety, do not exceed the parameters established in this manual! The Rules and Safety section includes additional information. A good rule of thumb is that if in doubt, avoid the terrain. Packed gravel, driveways, and roads are rarely a problem. Deep gravel and loosely packed sand should be avoided!

Only attempt a turn with all four wheels on level ground. This will keep your scooter stable. The maximum gradient limit of your scooter is 8 degrees. This ensures the stability of you and our scooter. The rear stability of your scooter depends on several factors, such as: your height, the angle of your backrest, your weight, and the slope or height of the obstacle ahead of you. Before you attempt a gradient, or alternative terrain, make sure your scooter is working at its best. Always think safety first! 

Inclement weather, such as wet or icy roads can hinder the safety of your scooter. Never drive through deep water, or expose your scooter to heavy rain as this can cause irreparable damage to the electrical components. 

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