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How often should I change my batteries? How far can I travel on my batteries? How do I manually push my scooter?

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The following section will answer all of your questions surrounding financing, delivery, and services offered by Canada Scooters. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please feel free to call us at 1-866-383-7383 or send us an email for a prompt response!

How Often Should I Change My Batteries?

Plan on charging your batteries overnight, when you are using them regularly. If you do store your scooter for a long period of time, make sure to fully charge it at least once every month. See the battery charging section for all the details.

How Far Can I Travel on my Batteries?

On a fully charged scooter with new batteries, you can expect to travel a full sized scooter over 25 km. As a general rule, larger scooters require larger batteries. If you know that traveling long distances will be a part of your daily routine, choose a larger model.

How Do I Manually Push My Scooter?

On every model, there is a lever to engage or disengage the scooter. This is usually found at the back between the two rear tires.

Am I a Pedestrian, or a Cyclist?

You are a pedestrian! On a scooter, you are welcome to go anywhere that foot traffic can, provided you're not impeded by stairs.

What Happens If I Get Stuck in the Rain, or My Scooter Gets Wet?

Whenever possible, you should keep your scooter as dry as possible. That said, a little rain isn't going to affect the electrical components. If you get stuck in an extended downpour, or accidentally drive through deep water, contact us to request a check in.

Will Medical Insurance Pay For Any of my Scooter?

Extended medical plans, such as Blue Cross, Sun Life, Maritime Life, and Manulife may cover up to 80% (and in some cases 100%) of the cost. Standard provincial health plans will not cover any of the cost. Let Canada Scooters take care of the paperwork for you.

What If I Don't Have Extended Medical Insurance?

No problem! Canada Scooters offers several payment plans. We want you to benefit from the freedom and independence made possible by a scooter. We'll work with you to develop an affordable and sustainable payment plan.

Do I Pay Any Tax On the Purchase of a Mobility Scooter?

No! Scooters are considered medical equipment, making them tax exempt. Furthermore, you can claim the purchase of your scooter on your tax return.

What Models Do You Stock? How Do I Choose the Right Scooter?

Canada Scooters offers a variety of models from several high quality manufacturers. Our mobility product specialists will work with you to find the right model for your unique needs. Using our PerfectMatch System we present you with several product options to begin narrowing down our vast selection.

Can I Test Drive a Scooter Before Buying?

If you are purchasing a scooter online, a test drive is not possible. We do however, offer comprehensive descriptions and photographs, as well as superior customer service to help you make your decision. If you are buying locally, we offer FREE, no obligation test drives at our showroom or in your home!

What is the Benefit if I Buy Direct?

In short, you save money! Buying direct means that you don't pay commissions, rent, or warehousing fees. This makes it possible for us to sell our scooters at significantly discounted prices. On average, you can expect to save between $500-$1200 per scooter!

Is it Easy to Disassemble and Transport a Scooter?

Due to the fact that our scooters are designed to be durable, they do not “fold up” for transport. Instead, most airlines and transport lines are able to accommodate our scooters as they are, making travel super convenient.

That said, we do offer a full line of Portable Scooters which are designed with light duty applications and frequent transportation in mind. These scooters feature drop in batteries, and easy no-tool assembly.

Where is Canada Scooters located?

Our headquarters are in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. However, we provide all of Canada with quality mobility scooters and superior customer service.

What if I Want to Exchange/Return My Scooter?

While we have a no-return policy, we are humans too! We understand purchases made in haste, and we will work with you to find a solution. A typical solution includes a return freight charge, and restocking fee. All returns are addressed on a case by case basis.

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Never! We are proud to offer Up-Front Pricing. While other dealers will advertise low sticker prices that don't include batteries or shipping, our prices are all inclusive!

What If I Need Warranty or Service Work?

All of the warranties offered by Canada Scooters are covered directly by the manufacturer. Servicing and maintenance appointments are to be scheduled with their wide network of authorized services nationwide. To find the one nearest to you, call your manufacturer's toll free number. For help finding the right service centre, call us at 1-866-383-7383.

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